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Welcome to Burlington Pediatric Dentistry

Follow our dental rangers as they guide you safely to a happy healthy mouthy.

Your Unique Experience

Often first visits can be a stressful thing, however it doesn’t have to be with our specialized immersive environment!


Finding the best dentist for your family and children can be difficult. Dr. Daniel Charland is a certified  specialist in Pediatric Dentistry, he loves working with children, and acting like one too!

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Coming in for an appointment is the first step to a lifetime of healthy teeth. Come meet Dr. Daniel and the team for your child’s first visit, and let us take great care of your family.

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No emergency is too little or too big for consultation and care. Dr. Daniel and the team are here for you, give us a call if you have an emergency.

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The Dentist your children will love to visit!

Serving Burlington and neighbouring cities such as Oakville and Hamilton, we offer a full-service, state-of-the art pediatric dental practice focused on your kids dental health! From infancy to the year your child graduates high school, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of dental excellence in an environment your child will feel comfortable in. We take great care in creating smiles that will last a lifetime.


Turn That Frown Upside Down!

We love kids and we understand that a dental visit can be scary. Burlington Pediatric Dentistry will help alleviate your child’s fears. We provide exceptional, gental dental care in a comfortable and kid-friendly environment. We’ve treated many children who have never been to the dentist before or had negative dental experiences. Our holistic ‘every child is different’ approach makes all the difference.

A Child Friendly Dental Home

Our brand new office space will appeal to both child and parent (or the kid in you). It’s nothing like most clinics! Let your kids crawl into our reception room’s life-like tree, or spend time admiring the expansive fish tank with colourful and playful marine life, while you relax with a coffee or tea. Our dental treatment area boasts bright colours, modern equipment, and televisions over every chair. 


Something to Smile About!

Using a combination of exceptional dental care and experienced staff, we partner with parents to provide children the healthiest, most beautiful smile modern dentistry can offer.

You’ll be glad you found us!


Contact Us

5061 New Street Suite 201
Burlington, ON L7L 1V1
Office: (905) 592-1172
Fax: (905) 592-1453

Office Hours

MonTue 8am – 4pm | Wed 10am – 6pm

Thu 8am – 4pm | Fri 8am – 4pm | Sat*8am – 12pm

Sun Crusin’ The Trails! *We are open one Saturday per month, call to inquire about an appointment


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Exactly Why to Select Burlington Pediatric Dentistry?

Around Burlington Pediatric Dentistry we sincerely take being a dentist exceedingly sincerely. We know that undoubtably any time folks are hunting to find a distinguished Burlington based dentist people want the finest. This is exactly why all of us push to really be the greatest dentist we can possibly be in Ontario. It truly is our dedication to really becoming the best that has won us our great respect with our backbone customers.

Being a distinguished Burlington based dentist we all of course always try to spend some time to unravel all our customers concerns patiently and devoid of judgment. All of us always make an effort. We all think it's very crucial to be certain consumers feel really appreciated and cared for.

There usually are not an excess of dentist which currently have the particular skills coupled with track record to brand theirselves as being pioneer in their niche. Incorporate that together with our high level of purchaser support and we really feel we're absolutely the ideal distinguished Burlington based dentist around Ontario.

Looking to get moving?

All this begins with a quick call.

Call (905) 592-1172.

We will be delighted to go over all your present dentist requirements at great length over the telephone or through e-mail if that is best for you personally. Following that we'll suggest the choice that perfectly works with your present circumstances. Find out the reason people do call us the perfect distinguished Burlington based dentist!

Even Now Want Convincing? Additional Reasons Why Burlington Pediatric Dentistry is certainly A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist

Devotion to Great Quality - A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist and A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist

Our loyalty to high-quality is actually amazingly high. When you are trying to become a distinguished Burlington based dentist or a distinguished Burlington based dentist, there is certainly seriously not one other alternative but to give it your personal best to outshine. If any particular buyer calls for additional work, we all give that particular buyer extra attention. Just about anything to make sure they will be satisfied with all of us as a dentist. Do remember, we do support practically all of Ontario, and so make sure you call.

Willpower - A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist and A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist

Many clientele have reported us as a distinguished Burlington based dentist, a distinguished Burlington based dentist, a distinguished Burlington based dentist and the finest Ontario based dentist you will find! Really this will not happen without amazingly diligent work and also investment in your foundational consumers and the excellent quality bestowed within your completed product. In case you'll be looking to get a distinguished Burlington based dentist, all of us truly believe we really are the preferred option. Contact Burlington Pediatric Dentistry to go over your requirements immediately! (905) 592-1172.

Understanding - A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist and A Distinguished Burlington Based Dentist

For most any business, knowledge certainly is a big component in terms of results. If perhaps you will be wanting a distinguished Burlington based dentist, well then that is certainly even more true. Being a dentist, we all can easily convey to you undeniably how the ultimate result is determined simply by the past experience of the firm you have been employing. The undeniably massive amount of experience that Burlington Pediatric Dentistry possesses being a distinguished Burlington based dentist, is certainly just why a person should really believe in us all with your important critical requirements. When you might be searching to get a distinguished Burlington based dentist, think about Burlington Pediatric Dentistry. Remember to contact all of us straightaway.

Reach out ASAP to Get Your No Charge Consultation!

We don't like to get underbid. Never pay outrageous costs because you neglected to chat with us. Positive you were given an untouchable rate ? Want to be absolutely completely confident? Discuss with us. You could simply find that we're indeed better choice. Many customers have in the past.

Selecting exactly which dentist to use is a significant venture. Choose the best assessment. You'll want to communicate with us with simply no commitments to check if all of us are truly the ideal dentist for your needs.

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(905) 592-1172