Ongoing Care

Growth & Development

Every examination includes an assessment of your child’s developing teeth and any spacing/crowding of the jaw.

Restorative Treatment

Your child’s teeth will be examined to determine the extent of tooth decay prior to recommending restorative treatment. We will always discuss your child’s treatment options with you beforehand in full detail. Depending on the extent of the decay, the treatments may include tooth-colored composite fillings for smaller cavities, full coverage restoration (tooth-colored or stainless steel) for teeth that have more advanced decay or, in severe cases, an extraction and appropriate space maintenance.

Behaviour Management

At Burlington Pediatric Dentistry we see many different children with many different challenges. While some children will accept dental treatment without complication, others have more anxiety and express more emotion during such procedures. Dr. Daniel will assess your child's anxiety level and recommend the appropriate behavior management technique. We all share the same goal: to complete your child's dental treatment in a safe, comfortable setting. These goals may be reached through the help of sedative materials to relax and comfort your child.

Our first step in introducing anything new to your child is to tell, show, and do. We explain to our patients and parents what we’re going to do. We show them what we’re going to do. And then we do it.