Emergency Care

No emergency is too little or too big for consultation and care. Dr. Daniel and the team are here for you, give us a call if you have an emergency. (905) 592-1172

For Toothaches: Have your child rinse their mouth with warm salt water. If possible, use dental floss to free any impacted food. You may give your child acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain, however if the pain persists you should contact Dr. Daniel. Do not place aspirin on the aching tooth - this is a old wives tale and will not help! If your child’s face is swollen, apply cold compresses and see your dentist as soon as possible.

For Knocked Out Baby Teeth: This is rarely an emergency and normally will not require treatment. Contact Burlington Pediatric Dentistry during regular business hours.

A Chipped or Fractured Baby Tooth: Contact Dr. Daniel.

A Knocked Out Permanent Tooth: Locate the tooth to bring to Dr. Daniel. Don’t handle the tooth excessively, although you may rinse it off with water if necessary. Don’t touch the root of the tooth. If the tooth is not fractured, try to reinsert it in the socket. If reinsertion isn’t possible, bring the tooth to us in a cup of milk. When saving a tooth, time is of the essence - see us immediately!

A Chipped or Fractured Permanent Tooth: Contact Dr. Daniel immediately. Have your child rinse their mouth with water. If necessary, apply cold compresses to your child’s face to reduce any swelling. Try to locate any broken tooth fragments and bring them with you to the office. Immediate action on your part can possibly save the tooth and may reduce the need for extensive (and expensive) treatment!

If you are not sure, when in doubt always give us a call!

We may ask for emailed pictures and as much description of the emergency as possible.