A Super Scoop And Several Things To Consider
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A Super Scoop and Several Things to Consider

Oily skin is generally also very sensitive and prone to acne and other problems.

We can use some home made treatments for our skin which will help us look better and we don't even have to spend a fortune on make up and beauty products. Home made recipes are also very mild as compared to beauty products bought from the market which tend to be harsh on our skin and can cause irritation and redness. We should also avoid using make up as much as we can because oily skin tends to get blocked pores by the use of make up which can cause pimples. The soap to be used on oily skin should also be suitably selected and should not be very acidic, as they tend to dry the skin and deprive it of it's natural oils.

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Cucumber and lemon juice are one of the best homemade products that can be used on the skin. We can apply cucumber to reduce the effects of ageing while lemon helps reduce pimples and prevents bacteria infection. Yogurt mixed with lemon juice can also do wonders for oily skin. Eggs can also be used but should be used more on the hair than on the face. Natural and unprocessed milk is also a great nutrient for the skin and can help bring a glow to your face.

But homemade skin care is not always better than the skin care products we get in the market. The skin care products sold in the market have preservatives added to them to make them last longer so they inhibit the growth of bacteria and the products are usable for a long period of time. But bacteria in a short span of time can infect homemade skin care remedies. When kept in the fridge for a long period of time they can be infested with bacteria from some food lying close to them or just by bacteria developing in the cool and moist environment.

There are a lot of homemade remedies published in newspapers and magazines everyday but we should test them on a small portion of our skin before we attempt to use them on our face or any other part of our body.

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