Growing Medical Marijuana
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Growing medical marijuana

We call cannabis a weed because it is so easy to grow. It will grow in just about any conditions. As long as you give the roots space so they can grow, keep them moist and make sure they have oxygen and nutrients, your plants will do well.

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A great medium for hydroponic utilization for growing medical marijuana is rockwool. There are some disadvantages to it, though. It's not safe to handle when it's dry like the insulation variety. Not only this, the high level of p.h. makes it hard to recycle or reuse this.

Cannabis utilizes available nutrients very fast, so blending in nutrients with the growing medium can be an art. A better solution is to add the nutrients to the water, which is being constantly replenished, and to use the growing medium as it is.

A great and inexpensive choice for the growing medium or mediums is either regular soil or compost, both easy to get. You should use a loose potting compost that is not peat based. It should be sterilized and mixed with a half and half soil conditioner such as perlite.

You can also try washed building sand, but add this to a mixture as well. The growing pots tend to fall over as the plants get large, so using sand at the bottom of the pot, which is heavy, helps eliminate this, and it is usually fairly cheap.

Examples of substances that condition soil are perlite and vermiculite . Although they look the same, they are not, because the vermiculite contains nutrients. It is alright to use perlite by itself, however it is better to use vermiculite in tiny portions combined with other substances.

You can reuse clay pellets or pea gravel when potting your plants. These pellets are the size of marbles and absorb tons of water to release slowly. They are great for hydroponic gardening and less risky than using rockwool .

The N.F.T. method brings excellent results using little cubes of rockwool, or perlite pots , laid on a thin mat that is drip fed a fertilizer formula. The roots of the plants will grow through the pots or cubes and interweave throughout the damp matting.

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