Having Trouble Sleeping
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Having Trouble Sleeping?

Many people have trouble sleeping. For whatever reasons, often the mind will not shut off and people end up tossing and turning for all hours of the night. Here are a few things to try if you are having trouble sleeping.

-Take a warm bath before you hit the sac. Try some bubbles and just lay back and relax.

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-Try reading. Often reading a new novel (even just a chapter or two) is enough to take your mind off whatever it is that is keeping you up.

-Try keeping a journal (much like a food journal) about what you ate last before bed, the weather and your level of stress. You may just find something to eliminate to help the insomnia.

-Dont nap! Many people think taking an afternoon or after dinner nap will help them feel less sleepy. This is not true. Taking naps makes it harder to sleep at night!

-Make sure the temperature in the room is cooler than normal. I'm not saying arctic zone kind of cold, but just a couple degrees cooler than room temperature. You will feel better bundled up in bed and not be frustrated with too much heat.

These tips are not to replace physician advice, but rather some at home tips if you are going through a tough sleeping time.Here's to more zzzzz's tonight!

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