3 Ingenious Methods For De Stressing
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3 ingenious methods for de-stressing

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Life is busy. Yours too?

When I've got very little time for de-stressing, every moment of relaxation counts.

Hence,I put together this list of my top 3 ingenious methods for ensuring I don't go cuckoo.

These relaxation habits don't require extra ingredients or a lot of effort. You even have time to do ALL of them. In one day. Every day, if you choose.

Give these a try:

#1: The 10 Minute "Do Nothing" Break

Have you been doing a lot of stuff for the past several hours? How about doing a lot of nothing for moment? Just doing this once a day will have a measurable impact on your stress and productivity levels. It resets the brain and body, preparing it to meet the rest of your day.

HOW-TO: Sit down for 10 minutes and do nothing. Your brain can have thoughts, that's fine. (Just try and stop it. Nearly impossible.) But when you catch yourself trying to problem-solve or plan your day, remind yourself that it's "Do Nothing" time.

The better you are at giving yourself permission to have no agenda, the better it works.

Also remember, you are purposefully Doing Nothing. It's different from being accidentally being unproductive.

TIP: If it helps, you can feel your breath or visualize your body relaxing.

#2: Eating With a Purpose

Sometimes I find myself thinking of mealtimes as a wasted opportunity to be productive. Um, hello Rebecca! The purpose of eating is to nourish your body so it can keep on truckin'. That's really it.

What would it mean to eat a meal with that purpose in mind?

HOW-TO: At least once a day, eat your meal as a singular activity. Rather than eating in front of the TV or the computer, focus on your food as you're eating. Where did you buy it? Does it taste good? Try to savor each bite if you can. Most people find mealtimes stressful and eat too quickly.

Eating purposefully may cause you to think differently about your food. That's not the point, but it's fine.

TIP: If you already have quiet, purposeful mealtimes, see if you can learn to savor your food even more. This is something I keep coming back to.

#3: Mono-tasking Away the Mayhem

Studies show that multitasking is unproductive. That's all I need to know. Now I'm sold on mono-tasking.

Why did I include this in a post on relaxation? Because it will quickly will make you calmer and saner. Relaxation isn't just about sitting on a beach reading a detective novel. It's about the simple daily habits we incorporate into our lives.

HOW-TO: When I sit down to write a blog post, I close all the other browser windows and programs on my computer. I put the phone on silent and otherwise remove distractions. I resist all temptation to take Facebook or email breaks, because that would totally kill my flow.

You can do this with any task, big or small. Remove distractions, work with focus on one thing at a time, and resist all temptation to return to distractions.

TIP: Take a 10 minute "Do Nothing" break if you need it, or when you're switching gears to work on another task. Don't go back to distractions between tasks, unless you have set aside time for it. When it's time to get working again, go back to monotasking.

It's about mindfulness.

People normally associate mindfulness with meditation, but frankly I suck at meditation. To me, mindfulness is "paying attention."

The mind can only pay attention to one thing at a time. Paradoxically, brains are distracted easily. That's why I practice paying attention in ways that are simple for me to grasp and accomplish. Doing nothing. Eating a meal. Doing one thing at a time.

I love these simple challenges. It's like trying to raise my right eyebrow. I can raise my left eyebrow by itself (I practiced a lot as a teenager). But I haven't figured out how to raise the other one by itself.

Similarly, I'm very mindful sometimes and fail other times. But I find it rewarding, so I keep trying.

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