How To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome
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How To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome

I have severe restless legs syndrome. Severity is characterized by how often a person experiences symptoms and for how long the symptoms last. Unlike many people, I actually get symptoms every day, and without my routine in place, I would never fall asleep because it would go on all night especially if I am anxious or stressed.

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Last winter things got so bad that I went to the doctor and asked for medication. But the doctor said there we're no medications that we're safe for breastfeeding. She recommended I wean my daughter, but I refused, and left in tears.

But since then I figured out how to survive. First of all, I learned around that time that if I have a cold, I am better off not taking cold medicine. The cold medicine was what had made my legs fight through any attempts I made to treat my RLS naturally. The ingredients in cold medicines aggravate RLS to where the symptoms can overpower your body's natural urge to fall asleep.

My secret is that rather than trying to fight RLS, I work with my body's innate desire to fall asleep.

Every night I take two to four Theanine Serene, and/or four Hyland's Calm Forte. The secret when taking this stuff is to be in bed, ready to fall asleep. Especially with Calm's Forte, if you are up moving around for while as it dissolves in your mouth, it will not work.

Additional things that help make me tired are the following:

1.) Two kids and a working husband who comes home hungry

2.) Getting up at 7 am or earlier and taking my daughter for a long stroller ride while my son is at school.

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