An Extraordinary Wish To Start The Day
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An Extraordinary Wish to Start the Day

When I was growing up I always wanted to get a bottle with a Genie to make my wishes come true. I remember when I was in grade school my 3 wishes are to have plenty of money, to have a sexy body and to have a flawless skin, lol! Why? money is what everyone wishes to have in an instant and at that time I am having a hard time asking my lola 1 peso coin to buy lollipops. Sexy body, because I have been always fat (well excluding college years) and the flawless skin, well because back then I had this big scar on my knee that I got from running too fast hehe my lola says it will become a "bakokang", lol!

I always do day dreaming, imagining of all those wishes coming true up until I reached my high school years. I had different wishes, changed priorities and become more selfish on my dreams during does days. But still I want to be sexy, then I want this person to love me of course he is my crush that time and lastly is to be atleast 56 tall, lol, for my crush. But ofcourse I know that time that Genie is just in a movie, in a cartoon, is a character in one story book but duuuuhhhh my hopes and wishes are still on finding a genie, i really really reaaally want to have a genie that time lol!

But when I turned college, my lola got sick of Alzheimer, my mother got sick of cancer, my auntie too had kidney failure, that made me more eager to get one. I prayed hard for them to be well and to grant my wishes but still we cannot question God's will. I lost a lot of weight during my college years and not because of a Genie but because I decided that it is time to be slim and I did it. But you know after my pregnancy I gain it doubly back, huhuhu.

Now that I am already 28 years old, I admit that with my current weight problem, family problem, personal problem, I had been hoping and wishing again to get a Genie to solve all of it in an instant. But we all know that the only instant things now are the noodles and some meals, lol!

Posted in Dentistry Post Date 01/23/2016






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