The Forerunner 405cx
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The Forerunner 405CX

The Forerunner 405CX comes packed with some serious workout features that include distance traveled, time, pace, heart rate and calories burned. Each of your training sessions are recorded so that you can review and evaluate your data to monitor improvements. The advanced Virtual Partner option is a great way to challenge yourself to new heights as you compete against a digital person. The 405CX comes with a number of training options from simple workouts where you input time, distance and calorie burning goals to advanced workouts in which you can create custom individualized goal centered workouts for maximum gains.

Heart Rate Tracking

The 405CX Forerunner comes with a flexible lightweight band that you fasten around your chest which communicates wirelessly with the watch helping you to get the most out of your exercise.

This model also comes with an advanced calorie computation feature enabling you to keep track of how many calories you're burning.

This is a great feature that really helps improve performance as training within a certain heart rate zone is the ideal way to burn the most calories and improve fitness levels.

Wireless Workout Sharing

The Garmin Forerunner enables you to share your training courses, locations and advanced workouts with other 405CX users. You can easily send friends or colleagues your favorite workouts for them to compare and try out for themselves and vise versa to challenge yourself against their data. This is simply done by selecting the transfer option on the bezel to share your information with a nearby Forerunner sports watch.

Year Round Training

Train inside during the colder winter months with the use of the optional wireless accessories. Use the foot pod to determine your speed and distance when training indoors on a treadmill by simply clipping the pod onto your shoelaces. The foot pod is a great option for when GPS signals are unavailable and automatically begins transmitting with movement. Another option is to use the optional bike mount kit and sensor to easily track your distance and speed when working out on a exercise bike.

Bad Points

Users of the earlier models in the Garmin sports watch series reported some issues that include poor satellite reception at times, clumsy bezel operation and some inconsistency with the heart rate monitoring. One other point of concern is the watch locking up on occasion. These concerns have been addressed in the 405CX and a much more user friendly and reliable incarnation is the result. Some users also complained of the large chunky design of the 405 however the Garmin 405CX comes with a second wrist band that is ideal for those with smaller wrists for the feel of a normal watch.

Garmin 405CX Tips & Tricks

One word of advice that isn't really apparent from Garmin's specs is that if you turn off the GPS function when not in use the watch will last the two weeks specified by the company. With the GPS continually on you may find that you will need to recharge the watch after as little as 8 hours. The 405CX is also great to use as a stylish normal watch that tells time, date, alarm etc. Garmin Connect for integration with your PC is compatible with Windows operating systems back to Windows XP and Intel-based Macintosh systems OS 10.4 or newer.

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