The Online Sb World Is A Very Interesting Place To Participate In Or
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The online SB world is a very interesting place to participate in or...

The online SB world is a very interesting place to participate in or like me, sit back and enjoy some entertainment. Now I will say there are some FB pages run by some very amazing people that have SB pages. In these pages we crack jokes, give helpful information, agree to disagree on certain subjects or content, and these sites actually are beneficial when dealing with so many issues we have as people with Spina Bifida.

So then there are the "other" pages. Those are the pages I am in for pure entertainment and for blogging purposes. The questions or statements they post are just so unbelievable to me. Now, I have started this series based on some of the things that have posted that have frustrated myself and others, whom may or may not be, members of both groups. (I will never divulge my sources!) However frustrated I was when I wrote those other blog post, I think this tops my cake! (Well so far anyway, who knows what these people will say next!!!)

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I've said this before, that living with a disability is hard. However just like Wayne Gretzky says, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Yes, he played hockey but he meant this quote to be about your life too. So why do you put so many limits on yourself, no matter what your ability or disability may be, without even trying to score a goal?? There are things I am unable to do, however it doesn't always stop me from trying, attempting, or even adapting. It is all about your attitude and how you view yourself, inside and out! So, this is where it leads up to the post that just set me off!!!!

"How many SB friends/people whom have died before the age of 30 or 40?" (Now my quote is not a direct quote because I do not really want you to see so many grammatical errors!)

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