I Had Another Blood Test
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I had another blood test...

I'm kinda feeling normal today. But on Tuesday morning it was a whole different story. It started again at 1:30am with the usual toilet break, and ended in hell. Calm down, relax, think happy thoughts, they all did nothing. All I could think of was the panic attack I was having, trying to get rid of it, and panicking more. By 4am I'd had enough. My heart was racing, I was shaking, my mind cloudy time for hospital.

I don't like hospitals. But this time I was okay with it. Sort of. Words like I really need to do a wee came with a response of Soon, we have to do an ECG and then a bit later Okay, you can go now, and please fill this cup.

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I had another blood test, this time with that funky thing they put on my hand,.

The doctors @ Nambour we're very calm, very reassuring and somewhat relaxing. I almost fell asleep, except for the contant beeping of the heart monitor and other people talking.

Ended up coming home about 10:30 and headed straight for my GP to plead for medication to calm me down. I was a wreck. Four hours of sleep over 3 days does that to you, and it's worse when you brain plays funny buggers on you the moment you put your head on the pillow. I walked out with some Valium, popped two and fell asleep for a few hours.

Yesterday wasnt too bad, still a bit weird, but also comforting with the knowledge I had some meds to help me through. I used them sparingly all yesterday, felt somewhat good, then last night about 8pm had two. I woke at 1am and couldn't sleep again, but not because of feeling panicky, just, I dunno. I went for a walk, come home about 2am, stuck on a Simpsons DVD and before the first episode finished I was out.

I woke again maybe 5am, the Simpsons DVD was back at the menu, so I started it up again. I think I was out of it before the couch gag, and woke about 8:30am.

At the moment, I feel 99.99999% normal, really good. I still have to see the specialist to rule out epilepsy, and also have to visit a psychologist, but other than that, fingers crossed, I'm all good.

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