Boost Metabolism And Maintain A Healthy Weight
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Have you ever heard the phrase don't drink your calories? As a health and wellness coach, I have always been trained to say that phrase. Guess what? I am a closet drink-your-calories kind of girl! This phrase is typically referring to your sugar filled sodas, teas, fruit juices and the like. I am talking about Meal Replacement Shakes or Drinks.

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Personally, I find meal replacement shakes or drinks (MRDs) helpful in fueling my body with good nutrition on most days of the week. Hear me out as to why:

  1. I work out fairly intensely several days of the week. I want to make sure I am refueling my body with good nutrition afterwards. Whey protein is one of the most effective ingredients for rebuilding and refueling after a workout because of the branch chained amino acids or protein building blocks for lean muscle (= metabolic boost). Even if I eat oatmeal after a workout or for breakfast; I always have a serving of whey protein. Drinking it allows it to get to my muscles faster and more efficiently. If I am fairly rushed from workout to work a full MRD (a carb/protein/fat balanced meal) hits the spot!
  2. I will use my MRD strategically during the day to keep me from making poor nutrition choices or spending extra money. I have packed a lunch for years and I am all for real food real nutritious food for most of our meals and snacks but sometimes it is hard to pack all the food you may need for the day or you might be in a situation where eating a meal or snack is difficult. However, finding water to add to a shaker bottle with the mix already in it is easy. Maybe you are out shopping or running errands and you don't want to go through a drive thru. Maybe you just need a plan to get you through a tempting time of the day or keep your blood sugar from diving. Having a MRD on hand can save the day!
  3. It is cheaper than fast food and it costs about the same as hitting up a vending machine these days and so much healthier if you have a quality product.
  4. It keeps my caloric intake balanced during the day by saving me from fattening foods devoid of nutritious value! It keeps my blood sugar levels balanced, which keeps me focused and on task. When I keep my energy levels balanced, I can remain engaged in the activities of the day which leads to more productivity. Physiologically, these same reasons that allow me to cope with life, allow my body to burn stored fat as fuel, and increase my ability to be active and burn more calories. All of these add up to enhance metabolism.

I saw an article that says that MRDs boost metabolism by 25%. I honestly can't find scientific reference to this specific percentage because I looked high and low. However, research consistently points to whey protein as the top choice for increasing lean muscle and boosting fat burning.

Let me address MRDs for weight loss. A lot of people have success using this technique and as with any lifestyle change, once you reach a goal, you move into a maintenance phase. This phase is where you have to determine what helps you sustain your lifestyle. If you do not want to continue to use a MRD for maintaining your weight, then this may not be a method for you. However, if you are looking for a balance between maintaining based on the tips above and yet, enjoying real good for you food MRDs could be a solution to assist you on your way to reaching your healthy weight goal.

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