Matcha And Maca Smoothie
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matcha & maca smoothie

In Ayurveda bananas are sweet, astringent and cooling with a sour post-digestive effect. They decrease Vata, generally will decrease Pitta but due to their sour post-digestive effect can aggravate Pitta in excess and increase Kapha. They contain more solid and less water than other fruit making them heavier and more strengthening. They are good for children and anemic individuals due to their iron content. Ayurveda sees them as astringent, refrigerant, laxative, nutritive, strengthening, tonic and aphrodisiac.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees bananas as cooling in thermal nature and good for strengthening yin. They detoxify the body, lubricate the intestines and lungs and treat constipation. Under ripe bananas will however treat diarrhea due to their astringent properties. They moisten dryness and benefit conditions of thirst.

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Matcha is the bright green powdered form of gyukuro, a Japanese green tea. It is considered to be Japans highest grade of tea as it receives a high level of care and attention. 21 days before the spring harvest the gyukuro plant is shaded from sunlight which leads to a slower maturation that enhances the leaves contents of flavenols, amino acids and chlorophyll. The leaves are hand-picked, steamed to allow removal the leaves veins, dried and ground in a stone mill into the fine powder known as matcha. The whole leaf is consumed when drinking matcha as opposed to the infusion of a cup of green tea which means the nutritional content is increased considerably. For example, one cup of matcha has the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of green tea.

Matcha is consumed for it's metabolism enhancing, stress reducing, immune boosting, cholesterol lowering and cancer fighting properties. It contains some of the most potent, anti-carcinogenic antioxidants, lowers LDL cholesterol and combats inflammation, oxidation and aging. It increases the bodys rate of burning calories, promotes fat oxidation and increases resting metabolic rate. L-theanine, an amino acid which is capable of inducing alpha brain wave activity, is present in 5 times the amount in matcha compared to green tea. Stress induces beta wave activity which leads to agitation but alpha brain wave activity combats stress and promotes relaxation.


Maca powder comes from a radish-like root which has been cultivated in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes for approximated 2600 years. It is grown 9000-10,000 feet above sea level making it the highest altitude crop on Earth. Maca root is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, sodium, iron, zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, manganese and silicone. It contains vitamin B1, B2, C, D and E. It is rich in fiber, plant protein, fatty acids and alkaloids. Maca root nourishes the endocrine system, regulates stress, supports the adrenal glands and balances hormones. Maca root is also contains adaptogenic properties, meaning when consumed the plant adapts according to your needs to counteract different types of stresses on the body. It increases resistance and adapts to external conditions. Maca assists the body to rebuild weak immune systems, re-mineralize, increases energy, endurance and promotes homeostasis. Maca is reported to boost libido and fertility as well as relieve menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Raw Honey:

Raw honey is one of the best sweeteners and has been used for centuries as medicine.

In Ayurveda, honey is slightly warm in energy and very Sattvic in nature. It balances all three Doshas and only aggravates Pitta when used in excess. It builds the immune system, improves ojas and nourishes the mind, nerves and senses.

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that raw honey harmonizes the liver, neutralizes toxins and relives pain. It helps to discharge and dry up phlegm and mucus and is helpful for damp conditions like edema and excess weight.

The medicinal properties of raw honey are lost when heated making it ideal for raw desserts and not ideal for baking.

Children under 18 months should not be fed honey as it may contain small amounts of the toxin botulin. Infants under developed digestive system cannot denature this toxin like a mature digestive system can. It can lead to severe acute food poisoning called "botulism.Bee Pollen

One pellet of bee pollen is composed of 2,000,000 microscopic flower pollen grains and contains all essential amino acids in a form that is ready to be used directly by the body making it an excellent protein source. Bee pollen has long been considered one of natures most completely nourishing foods as it contains nearly all of the nutrients that humans require. Its high level of protein and amino acids make it a great strength builder and brain food. Bee pollen contains over 5000 enzymes and thousands of phytonutrients. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E. It is highly rich in the B vitamins and folic acid; many sources claim it contains vitamin B12 as well. Bee Pollen has a high mineral content containing barium, boron, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views it as an energy and nutritive tonic, and cultures world-wide use it for improving vitality, longevity and recovery speeds from chronic illness. It aids in building new blood, reducing addictions and cravings, regulating the intestines and contains antibiotic properties to help prevent the common cold and flu. Bee Pollen is a wonderful remedy for hay fever and seasonal allergies. It must be taken at least 6 weeks prior to pollen season and continued throughout. Bee pollen should be sourced from within your dwelling area to contain your local allergens.

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